Review criteria

In the review the referees are asked to take into account all of the following aspects.

Article content

  1. Paper title reflects the content and purpose of the research.
  2. Abstract includes information important for understanding the paper content.
  3. Introduction clearly defines the purpose and objective of the research.
  4. The methodology is clearly defined.
  5. The material in the paper new (unpublished).
  6. Some of the data could be deposited online (e.g. supplement).
  7. Figured material is deposited in a recognized institution.
  8. Systematic sections are concise.
  9. The Rules of Nomenclature are adhered to.
  10. Conclusions and methodology are supported by results.
  11. Some content might cause offence to someone.

Article organization

  1. The article is well organized.
  2. The length of the article is appropriate.
  3. The article is easy to read and free from grammatical and spelling errors.
  4. Figures, tables, and pictures are suitable.
  5. Figures and plates are of a high quality.
  6. The references are complete and suitable to the article.